Lode Mill Files

Flood Risk Assessment March 2011 (.pdf)
Flood Risk Asst Final 12229 (.pdf)
Bat Survey Report Appendix (.pdf)
Bat Survey report Final Jul 09 (.doc)
Bat Survey Report Final Jul 09 (.pdf)
Brief for 09 Building Analysis (.doc)
Brief for Walkover Survey (.doc)
Archaeology Report Final (.pdf)

Topographical Survey (.pdf)

Existing front elevation (.pdf)
Existing rear elevation (.pdf)
First floor plan (.pdf)
Gearing, wheel, flume (.pdf)
Ground floor plan (.pdf)
Cross section (.pdf)
Loft plan (.pdf)
North Elevation (.pdf)
South Elevation (.pdf)
History of walls (.pdf)
East and West Elevations (.pdf)

1 - Ground Floor Plan (.pdf)
2 - 1st Floor Plan (.pdf)
3 - Loft Plan (.pdf)
4 - South Elevation (.pdf)
5 - North Elevation (.pdf)
6/7 - W&E Elevation (.pdf)
8 - Cross Section (.pdf)
9 and 11 - Wheel and Kiln Section (.pdf)
10 - Mill Gears (.pdf)
12 - Phased Plan (.pdf)